Tantalus Entertainment


Films in pre-production and pre-sales:

400 Boys

In a race against time where the old are trapped in worn out bodies and the young fear life more than death Paiva invents a dazzling new youth subculture providing her teen-outlaws with a new identity which enables them to shed their useless bodies which lag too far behind the rapid imaginings of the minds.

Praxis, a mature but powerful paraplegic, playing a deranged game for personal gain, is thwarted by this pirate gang of teenage outlaws run by a freedom fighter who believes in life beyond the body.

A war between the two women, a standoff between a woman who has everything and a girl who has nothing.

Walking the wire is living, the rest is just waiting.

Tomorrow. Yesterday. Forever.

Films in development and pre-sales:

The World Famous Bob Stupak Movie! - a larger than life bio-pic of the famous Las Vegas personality and showman.

A free-wheeling biopic of the Legendary Las Vegas casino magnate. A movie which will be as colorful, fast-moving, musical and outrageous as the man himself. A man who rose from the back street crap games of Pittsburgh to building the highest tower West of the Rockies.

This is the man who bet a million dollars on the Superbowl and won, wallpapered his first casino's walls with dollar bills, ran for mayor, started a newspaper, won a World Series of Poker tournament, and was a spectacularly unsuccessful recording artist. This wasn't just a man who would build the Stratosphere Tower which now dominates the Vegas skyline – for Bob to be happy it had to have a roller-coaster on top and a lift in the shape of a giant King Kong, climbing the outside.

The Block - A stylish thriller/horror story

When Paula Thompson's reclusive great aunt dies in mysterious circumstances, Paula inherits her apartment in Regal Mansions, an exclusive Mayfair mansion block. But the residents of Regal Mansions harbour a sinister secret, which they are willing to kill to protect. Paula threatens their very existence.

The Barbarians - From the book which inspired The Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia.

An epic mystical tale of the Wolfings tribe as they battle against the advancing Roman Empire.

Rex Versus the Darkness - The first in a series of Rex Versus Films

Rex Barker was a flamboyant officer in British Intelligence until his plane crashed in the trenches of the Great War. Scarred emotionally by the horrors he witnessed and physically by a gas attack he plunged into a self destructive whirl of daredevil stunts and the seedier dens of Limehouse.

Rex's experiences range from rescuing a mysterious Femme Fatale to thwarting the secret plans of evil geniuses.