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Tantalus Sales has a portfolio of films ranging from feature films to documentaries for distribution in all media worldwide.

The Asylum (2000)

Secrets from the past confront the frightening present in an abandoned asylum.

Running time 102 minutes 
Starring: Ingrid Pitt, Stephanie Pitt, Patrick Mower, Colin Baker
Produced by Carol Lemon
Written and Directed by John Kenneth Stewart


Mussolini Roma (2007)

A visual tour de force, the often overlooked modernist architecture of an era not generally appreciated for its style and vision.


PRUPA (1983) and PRUPA Revisited (2003)

Charting the progress of polio sufferers, who, having overcome the symptoms of the disease in early life, presented respiratory problems in later life.

Plus, an update twenty years on.


Death on the Night Air (2011)

The golden age of television, drama was live and the tension amongst its actors and crew, many with jobs and reputations to lose at the slightest mistake, palpable.
Shortly into the broadcast of "The Midnight Matinee" actor Simon Ballard collapsed and died.  The doctor attending Ballard suspected foul play and the police were called. Everyone desperately tried to keep the show on the air by improvising rewrites and struggling to stall the police from shutting down the broadcast. Meanwhile, one harboured a guilty secret and the others feared that they might be next.
The mystery of Ballard's death remained unsolved for half a century before journalist Andrew Waye tracked down the surviving participants in the drama and confronted the person he believes to be the killer.

Running time 92 minutes 
Colour/Black and White

Produced by Carol Lemon
Written and Directed by John Kenneth Stewart


The Vanishing of the Backwards Boy (2012)

In wartime Britain few noticed or cared about the disappearance of a happy, adventurous young boy in rural Derbyshire, not least because he was poor, from a disfunctional home and "backward".
There were those who certainly didn't want any undue attention paid to the lost boy: the occupants of the "big house" with secrets to hide, the locals who still half-believed that failed crops had to be someone's fault and the secret War Department installation which suffered "bomb damage" on a night when there were no enemy aircraft in the area.  

Running time 89 minutes 
Colour/Black and White

Based on an article by Walter Rogers
Produced by Carol Lemon
Written and Directed by John Kenneth Stewart