400 Boys The Movie

The Characters

An attractive, soulful, strong, athletic, intelligent woman between 22-26. She is a survivor and born leader with idealistic and visionary plans to improve her life and that of her followers. She is head of a gang of modern day teenage pirates who run a scavenger operation on the Pacific Seas. The mother figure of this group of orphaned renegades, Paiva is also a brilliant, but unorthodox scientist, who experiments with sound on her gang's brain waves as they sleep.
Her dream of a world in which love, self-respect, autonomy and tribal loyalties rule fuel her determined and head-strong character.
A 35-40 year old ruthless, corrupt, unscrupulous, and manipulative woman who runs a gladiator stadium, which is a front for her criminal activities, which includes the trafficking of body parts. She is a control-freak who will not let her decaying physical power undermine her iron grip over the underclasses. She uses her physical condition and wheelchair as accessories with which to play on the sympathies of her followers. She is a dictator who does not except any dissent. She is a megalomaniac obsessed with reclaiming Paiva's youth, beauty and independence and to crush the only one of her creations that managed to defy her.
A good-looking, quirky, 27 year old philosopher and one-man pirate radio station DJ, River is a dreamer, renegade and loner who shares a romantic past with Paiva. He ignites Paiva's dream of a life where autonomy, love and self-respect rule. He is sensitive and persuasive.
An attractive 19 year old woman. She lacks Paiva's confidence, vision and strong leadership qualities, who she regards as her sister. Under appreciated, and frustrated with being Paiva's second in command, Friday's loyalty to the gang begins to drift. She grows dubious about the morality of Paiva's sonic experiments, and ultimately becomes the Judas of the group, selling out to Praxis.
A cocky, street-smart 20 year old member of Paiva's gang. He is a loud, spirited and physical character who is also Friday's boyfriend. He is an expert phantom speedboat pilot and is given
the task of finding the last piece of equipment Paiva needs for her final experiment.
A character in his 30's of undetermined sexual status. He/she is Praxis' right had man, the vice president of her gladiator operation. A high-strung character with lots of nervous energy who is preoccupied with making more money. Talon always wears a crucifix around his neck, and kisses it whenever he feels in need of spiritual or physical protection from Praxis. He is a parasite who is dependent on Praxis and her influence and is ultimately loyal to her.