400 Boys The Movie

Alastair Paton - the Director

A creative producer / director / writer
Mackintosh School of Architecture B.arch (hons)
Architectural Association London /
University of Glasgow Diploma Arch.
RIBA Gold Medal Royal Academy Summer Exhibition
National Film School
Rome Scholar ARIAS

Widely recognized for his exceptional producing skills in creating compelling
campaigns and imagery that create an emotional response, Paton is
informative, dynamic, and memorable, with managerial experience and an
understanding of the new creative process from animation, through interactive,
to 3D over live action, in a skilled understanding of the potential of cutting edge
technologies allowing his team to keep the brilliance of ideas within project
An explosion of digitally powered life forms from pubcasts, burners, P&P
buccaneers, mashups, to phonecam paparazzi, all done with outstanding
presentation, both cinematic and communicating with an ability to find compelling
visuals from imaginary products for real brands, to disintegrated kitchens for
real estate.
An experience whose workload spans internationally in dynamic relationships
with client groups to deliver strategic and commercial solutions within tight
parameters. with an extensive background in architecture, communication, and
the technology fields, and the resources, expertise, and genuine understanding
that enables the delivery of an end-end solution that captures the vision, drives
the business goals, and ultimately exceeds all expectations.
After the Mackintosh School of Architecture, and the Architecture Association in
London, Paton won an international architectural competition for a modern
building in downtown Tokyo. On completion and in doing the launch publicity he
naturally crossed over with visual resonance working internationally on a
variety of architecture, advertising, television and Web outs.

As a Producer, director and writer he moved into television with work for LWT,
Channel Four, and Japan's Wow-Wow.
Thereafter he was involved in creating online information architecture for the
likes of The Big Table and Rockstar.
In advertising he has worked with a diverse range of clients from Miami to
Stockholm to Chicago to Seoul.
Hard edged and iconoclastic he cuts a dark brand of fiction resonant with a raw
and racy swagger and a glib and cheeky slice of hand. He brings a newer
international dialect with a vision that pairs up to the minute artistry blending
the familiar with the fantastic inviting us once again from atmosphere to finish
to savor the incisive craft of the moment.
a boy drizzling with fond patter who still does the day shift after 20 years of
schooling in an atmospheric balancing act hitting that elusive sweet spot
between difficulty and accessibility, between highbrow concepts and lowbrow

Digital Campaigns / Installations
-Monument to Hugh Macdairmid, Scotland.
-Sarcophagus for Two Nuns, venice.
-Grave 273, for a racing driver, Modena, Italy.
-the Ninobashi Police Box, Osaka, Japan
-Japanese Cultural Centre Paris. / Armstrong Associates
-Two Pataphysical bus shelters for the Marie de Parie.
-La Grande Arch La Defense Paris. 100 Years of Cinema
-Palms Casino Launch, Las Vegas
-Carefree Arizona Resort - 80 new rooms with a modern view.
-Love Will Tear Us Apart, The Venice Biennale
-KA, Hong Kong. A building Facing Macau for Lawrence of Arabia.

Film Work
-"Out of Control", British Telecom / General Motors / Boeing Corp
Written, edited, produced and directed.
-"Hucomm-Future City", Sony / Japanese Ministry of Culture / NHK / Richard Saul
Wurman. Produced, and Directed
- feature
- Walkman, 108'. Steven Hale, Bridget Yorke, Christina de Coninck, Farida
Khelfa. Slamdance 2004. Writer, Producer, Director.
Producer / director / creative in advertising, with clients including Molson, Visa,
GM, American Express, Kellogs, Volvo, Carlsberg, Swedish Amex, British
Petroleum, Nintendo, Pirelli, Panasonic, Deutche Bundespost, Rebok, Suntory,
Agfa, British Telecom, Sony, Blaupunkt, AT&T, Racal, McEwans, Hite Beer Korea,
Memphis Goldstrike Casino, Barclays Bank, Palms Las Vegas, Carefree Arizona,
Montelago Las Vegas, Greektown Detroit, and on....
2d/ 3d Flame, design and presentation. After effects and Combustion, Flame and
henry, full boat, full service post.
And most recently, Shanghai City Being and Dream Pavilion for the 2010 Expo.
Content consultant with Shanghai Design Corp.
Senior Associate, Maple Leaf Studios.

Not forgetting the blinding legerdemain of Fizzdrake Castle, Second Life, and
some asides for Eye.online and The World of Warcraft.
Proficient in sculpture, architecture, film making and graphic design with a
typical project blending art, architecture, photography, animation and 3D
modeling, all seasoned with a soupçon of whimsy.
"He frequently designs gigantic live events as well as inventive exhibitions and
large-format displays. He's a master of what the French call scénographie; like a
film director, he conceives the look, staging, construction and production of
multimedia happenings for his corporate and non-profit clients."