400 Boys The Movie


Dipso, Fatso, Bingo.

Dangerous days. Yesterday.

An electric town, a busy Pacific port, spilling with gaudy commerce, jarring,
exhausting and exhilarating like a high powered bazaar where everything and
anything is on sale. Some are copying pills. Others are copying credit. Most are
copying life. One wants to copy herself.

An attractive, bright 20 year old girl Paiva, a drop out from MIT leads a dazzling
tribe of modern day teenage pirates who run a scavenger operation on the Seas.
Nomads, they remain out of sight, wiring the tallest city skyscrapers and setting
up camp for business on the rooftops practicing piracy the way others do a night
shift in the 7/11.
Paiva is an idealist, obsessed with the idea of aleviating the miserable condition
of the dispossessed youth that swarm around her seeking out an existence more
certain than their orphaned past.

Paiva's nemesis is Praxis, 35-40, a damaged beauty in her mid-life, with an
incurable degenerative disease scheduled to slowly consume her whole body.
Criminally brilliant, a mistress of the seductive powers of evil, an awesome
menace playing a deranged game for personal gain with her own mighty show.
Ruthless and frighteningly wealthy, Praxis has her finger in every criminal pie,
but gladitorial combat and the legal and illegal gambling that surround this
provide her bed and butter.
In exploiting laws which permit the trading of muscle tissue, in a lucrative side
operation with kids on the street in need of cash she deals body parts for the
affluent wanting to turn back time, and produces invincible fighters from worn
athletes for her stadium fights.

Bicci and Doyle, agents of chaos, her karmicemissaries, prowl the streets at night
clearing up any undesirable youth that litter the city providing a convenient hot-dog stand for these cosmetic activities.

Paiva and her gang play by a different set of rules.
Life Inc. does not apply and they don't hold out for any set of vagrant promises.
A survivor and a born leader she has a visionary plan to improve her life and
that of her followers.
For her a vast jigsaw puzzle is beginning to come together.

She is part mystic, part techno-head, a sonic connoisseur who experiments on
her tribe with sound and altered states - a DJ who's moved on from the body to
the mind, who gives the kids who gravitate towards her a focus.
By mapping body sounds she stumbles across a sonic frequency which frees their
imagination from the encumbrance of the past and clears their minds of any
memories or nightmares.
In understanding that they are all vulnerable to a brain disease, wherein they
are stuck trapped tuned to one certain frequency, tangled in fear
and anticipation, she discovers a key to another frontier to life.

Using a frequency below normal hearing she can transform the gang making
them fearless, and giving them vibrant energy and unprecedented physical
Fantasy and actuality become interchangeable leading to new successes and
more importantly financial gain with her gang in the downtown fighting
Her dream of a world in which love, self-respect, autonomy and loyalties rule
fuel her determined and head-strong character. Live now not then, rather than
dead at 30 buried at 70.
If only we had radio antennae instead of ears.

Praxis thwarted and infuriated by Paiva's thieving and growing influence is
consumed with jealousy and seeks the demise of Paiva's gang
Unhinged by Paiva's success in the stadium Praxis becomes suspicious of foul
play way beyond her own capabilities and investigates. She already dislikes
Paiva who appears to control a sizeable portion of youth.
Surprised that Paiva's sonic meddling may actually work, and that Paiva holds
the key to transfer a vibrant personality from an ageing body into a new shell
she stops at nothing to achieve her desire, dreaming of the voluptous and
sensual body of Paiva herself.
Praxis must have this as it opens up the tantalizing prospect of rigging her
gladiators and more importantly freeing herself from her failed body.

4000 weeks if your lucky....high over the city, River, good looking surfer boy, 27,
spins an anarchic blog over the airwaves. Just 3 numbers shape the universe....a
fortune teller with a 100$ bill clenched between the pinky and the finger of the
sun, critical ex-Praxis employ who ran away from it all. It is him however who
returns to remind Paiva of love, confessing to having been her saviour from the
very hands of Praxis and who then fights to rescue her from herself and Praxis.

Friday an attractive 19 year old has grown up like a sister to Paiva although
lacks confidence and is possessed by a phantom guilt about her own
inadequacies. She has a love/hate relationship with herself and dares to
question the morality of Paiva's science.
When Paiva becomes heartless, Friday tries to attract her attention by the minor
indiscretion of passing a piece of equipment to Praxis. This backfires and seals
her fate as Paiva ceases to trust her.
Praxis however finds in Friday, a corruptability which she mercilessly exploits.
Friday feels abandoned and neglected and is susceptible to the hideous
seductive promises of Praxis who lures her into her camp kidnapping Paiva
forcing her to work on the personality transfer that will liberate Praxis from her misery.

Too late, Friday realizes her error and tries to rescue Paiva renouncing Praxis's
handsome recompense. In the final rescue of Paiva, Friday shoots Praxis,
unaware that Paiva's personality now occupies Praxis's body in a wheelchair.

Off screen we hear the sounds of children laughing as we fade into the only
sunny day we have seen with kids running and playing freely in the street.

In the standoff between a damaged beauty in her mid-life and a happy hour
cocktail goddess in a lycra top, a war between two women inventing their own
endings, a race against time between a woman who has everything and a girl
who has nothing where one lives for the moment and one lives almost forever.

A gripping, bitching, fast, loud, savage and dangerous tale where the old are
trapped in worn out bodies and the young fear life more than death.

Walking the wire is living, the rest is just waiting.

Life seems so contagious.